e-Commerce - Approximately 40% of all clerical duties revolve around the pricing, ordering and receipting of parts. As a simple exercise, apply this percentage to your wages bill for the administration department and you might be surprised just how much it is costing you. Co-developed by DNS Technology, SmashLink is a full e-commerce system with Pentana Solutions equipped dealerships (approx 80% of parts related dealerships) that can eliminate most of the clerical work revolving around parts.Just imagine the competitive edge and improved profitability this provides when processing a supplier invoice containing 25 parts now takes 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes.
CrashBooks - The rule “garbage in garbage out” is of critical importance with e-Commerce. DNS employs two fulltime and three part time Parts Interpreters to create the highest quality CrashBooks in the marketplace today. QuotePlus boasts the most comprehensive and accurate list of CrashBooks available today in any system. With the unique type and assembly columns, its easy to select the right part the 1st time saving on costly delays in production and also unnecessary supplementaries.
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