QuotePlus – Base System


QuotePlus Estimating

QuotePlus Estimating


Estimate Entry - Five methods of writing an estimate to satisfy current and future styles.
Pen Pad - Write estimates at the vehicle. (refer QuotePlus Mobile)
Time Schedules - Key time schedules including, MTA, NTAR,LTAR,NRMA, RACV Paint Sheet and RACQ Paint Sheet.
Templates - By building a library of “templates” fast, accurate estimates can be written in a fraction of the time using standard methods. Choose a suitable template, make a few accident specific changes and its done in minutes. QuotePlus frees up time to Manage the Business.
Cycle Time - How long will a job take; the estimate writer is busy; what to tell the customer? It’s easy with QuotePlus. With built in Cycle Time Analysis, the press of a button will accurately calculate the number a days a job will take. Any staff member can use it to book a job in.
Book-in Dates - Produce vehicle arrival and departure reports featuring estimated hours and dollars, excess value, daily totals and trackables (wheel alignment, etc)
Supplementaries - Create as many supplementaries as you need for Insurer or the Owner. The original and all supps can be printed on the one Job Sheet. Shop technicians are not concerned with who’s paying the bill, they just want to know on one job sheet what has to be done.
Text Messaging - SMS -Stay in touch with customers via built in text messaging. By storing a number of template messages its much easier and faster than phoning. It also saves you money by avoiding costly calls to mobile phones
Printing - Every document can either be Previewed, Printed or Emailed to the Owner, Insurer or even your accountant (ie. The Profit & Loss Report)
Parts Control - Full colour coded parts control system with invoice receipting, goods return advice and part profit analysis available via a mouse click from the Estimate Page. The exact status of parts is identified within seconds. Every receipted part stores the supplier, invoice number, cost and date for quick reference purposes.
Imaging - Accessed from within the estimating system it now features “Image Buddy”, ideal for estimating from Images or the Internet.
Original Estimate - No need to print and file the original estimate, reprint it at anytime plus you can print an exception report that highlights the insurer alterations.
Registers - QuotePlus now features electronic registers that includes; Towed In, Towed Out, Total, Loss, Rentals Required, Employee Offsite and Car Offsite for easy reference
Reports - Large array of standard reports to highlight business strengths and weaknesses.



Date Based - Every transaction is stored permanently and where applicable, linked to an Estimate and job. There is no “end of month rollover” nor copious amounts of reports to print. Reports are generated “from and to” a date range which can be viewed on screen, faxed, emailed or printed. At the beginning of each new month simply continue business as usual by keying in the correct date – no waiting, no hold ups.
Void - Made a mistake, simply click the Void Button and QuotePlus will correctly reverse the transaction and ready the system to process it again. Of course everything is recorded in the Audit Trail for full accountability. No more trying to fix it by credits or journals and making the situation worse.
Factoring - Receipting one factoring payment across multiple debtors was once hard work until QuotePlus incorporated its unique factoring process.
Reassign - For Capricorn members (or similar buying groups) reconciling Creditors has never been so easy.
Standing Journals - Any recurring payment or receipt can be automated thus saving manual posting, plus it also provides a more accurate daily bank balance. Just another feature that reduces clerical duties and provides a superior business position.
Bank Reconciliation - Multiple bank accounts and credit cards can be easily reconciled plus there’s a “finish later” function to handle those inevitable interruptions.
Chart of Accounts - An alpha/numeric structure with up to five levels of sub-accounts satisfies the needs of the keenest business operator.
Full Audit Trail - Every transaction is recorded with a unique ID number and reversals are linked to the original transaction for full accountability. Enquire by date range, account, ID number, or via GL code with full double sided transactions.
Reporting - With “from and to a date range” reporting it’s easy to predict the future by looking at the past without examining ream’s of paper.


Job Costing

Manual Data Entry - Key in the hours spent on each work type or optionally enter more detail such as clock-on and clock off times plus start and stop times for more in depth reporting.
Barcode Reader - Automate the process by installing barcode stations on the shop floor to record times more accurately. The barcodes are printed on individual Job Sheets for ease of use. Also, the status of parts is available at the click of a button instead of asking the foreman or manager to chase them up.
Time Card Summary - Each technician is displayed on the screen by day and job with summary information of work activity, actual hours taken and colour coded job status.
Active Jobs Report - The manager can view all active jobs to screen with key indicators highlighting jobs that are 75% complete and running behind or on schedule. A valuable tool for heading off nasty surprises plus an opportunity to write supplementaries where necessary.
Reports - The reports are designed to be easily read and not overcrowded with information. A range of reports including Employee Performance, Job Report, WIP, Employee Attendance, Profitability by Job Type and more.
Integration - This is one of the most important features of the QuotePlus Job Costing system: Full integration with Estimating, Parts Control, Dashboard, Production Planning and Production Scheduler delivers unparalleled reliability and cost effectiveness.



Teledex - Integrated with Debtors and Creditors the teledex automatically stores new account information. Sort the numbers by company or contact.
Diary - Remind yourself or others to perform tasks on a given day and also link the task to a specific estimate if you choose. QuotePlus prints a daily list of activities per employee.
Calculator - Access via Tools or in any numeric field. With special GST and Markup features it’s a very handy accessory.
Calendar - Usually one can never be found when its needed so QuotePlus maintains an integrated calendar.
Word Processor - An easy to use word processor is often all a shop needs for most communications.
Email - QuotePlus features a fully functional email system with Inbox, Outbox, etc. No need to buy 3rd party products when one package does it all. Save on postage and email the creditor remittance advices when paying by Electronic Funds Transfer.


Loan Cars

Vehicles - List all the cars available for loan showing description, rego, due back date & time.
Allocation -
  • By interfacing to the “Header Details” from estimating the owners details are recorded against booked-out vehicles. Fields for book-in/out dates, time in/out, date of birth, licence# and excess are also included.
  • Loan Agreement – Once the details have been completed click a button to print the Loan Agreement with relevant driver details.


Estimate / Job functions include…

  • Vehicle booking
  • Authorisation
  • Issue/Cancel/Close/Reopen Job
  • Create Debtor/Owner supplementary
  • Copy data from existing Estimate
  • Revalue R+R, Repair, Paint, Job
  • Invoicing
  • Search Invoice
  • Messaging
  • Faxing
  • Exports – ARNIE, ESTIMAGE, BMS
  • Create Template


Reports/Forms Printing include…
  • Estimate
  • Job Sheet
  • Job Cover
  • Job Labels
  • Quotation request
  • Assessor Adjustments
  • Line comparison (pre/post assessment)
  • Assessment report
  • Client Contribution report
  • Returned Goods Advice
Estimating Reports…
  • Towing Details
  • Analysis reports
  • Estimate register
  • Job register
  • Completed Jobs
  • Authorised Estimates
  • Unauthorised Estimates
  • Deleted Estimates
  • Re-opened Estimates
  • Cancelled Estimates
  • Sales Register
  • Sales Summary
  • Job Analysis
  • Vehicle Arrivals
  • Vehicle Departures
  • Vehicles in Workshop
  • Parts Chase List
  • Info Tracking List
  • Email Register
Accounting Reports…
  • Ageing Summary – Debtors/Creditors
  • Collections
  • Unpaid Bills
  • Statements
  • Remittance Advices
  • Cheque Register
  • Goods Returned Register
  • Sales Activity
  • Deposit Detail
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Balance Sheet
  • GST Report
  • GST Summary
  • Cash Receipts
  • Cash Payments
  • Debtor Transactions by date
  • Account Transactions
  • General Ledger Detail
Job Costing Reports…
  • Job Report
  • Employee Incentive Payment
  • Employee Attendance
  • Workshop Attendance detail
  • Labour Summary
  • Team Performance
  • Non Operating Labour
  • Weekly Labour
  • Work In Progress
  • Workshop Performance Summary
  • Profitability by Job Type
  • Time Card Listing
Management Reports…
  • Profitability Snapshot
  • Performance Trends (Quoted/Authorised/Income/Expenses)
  • 12Mth Profit & Loss Trend
  • Management Analysis
  • Job Analysis
  • Debtors/Creditors Reconciliation
  • Sales/Income Analysis
  • Motor Vehicle Loan
  • Registration of Vehicle Repairs
  • Quality Control Checklist
  • Clearance Certificate
  • Customer Notification
  • Total Loss Notification
  • Customer Satisfaction Survey
  • Corrective Action
  • Complaint Form
  • Repair Authority
  • Receiving Inspection
  • Final Inspection
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