iBodyshop the software innovation taking the industry by storm

DNS Technology is revolutionising the smash repair industry with a one-stop-bodyshop solution that will dramatically increase efficiency and help reduce costs.

iBodyshop launched in April 2015, delivering a comprehensive management system that consolidates every aspect of the accident repair business – from the workshop floor and front office right through to the customer experience.

An intuitive cloud-based solution, iBodyshop could easily become the nerve centre of the modern smash repairer, eliminating operational bottlenecks and maximising output. And with no upfront software costs whatsoever – just an affordable monthly rental fee – it will deliver huge return for minimal investment.

Imagine a bodyshop solution that manages your people, parts, customers and cars in one user-friendly system. A system that is as simple to navigate as the apps on a tablet or smartphone. A system loaded with tools that will streamline your workflow and overcome the day-to-day challenges that cost you time and money.

DNS Sales Director Steve O’Brien said iBodyshop represented a new generation of software that is becoming an industry game changer.

“We are tremendously excited about iBodyshop and what it means for the increasingly competitive accident repair industry,” Steve O’Brien said.

“This software brings a high-tech, user-friendly solution to the office and shop floor that translates into real efficiency improvements and cost savings. Importantly, it also minimises the scope for human error, radically boosting performance and customer satisfaction.”

iBodyshop is sophisticated in design, yet simple in delivery. It functions like a high-tech office manager and was developed by DNS Technology after more than two decades at the coalface of the smash repair industry – identifying what smash repairers need and what holds them back from greater success.

The result is an extremely intelligent, complete bodyshop operating system. A system that uses smart estimating to automatically add R&R and paint times when you select a part. A system that knows when a staff member is on leave and synchronises workshop capacity/availability changes across all modules. A system that uses electronic scheduling to take the headache out of managing workflow.

Imagine technicians arriving for work, clocking on via a touch screen, iPad or smart phone and knowing within seconds exactly what jobs they have scheduled that day. Think about how that will boost your productivity, increase efficiency and drive capacity. Consider the extra profits you could reap from turning over even just one more job per week with the help of a system that seems to know your business almost as well as you do.

iBodyshop harnesses cutting-edge, purpose-built technology that will change the way smash repairers do business. There’s nothing else like it on the market. Take a photo on your phone and auto-load the image onto an estimate, set a pop-up reminder to contact a customer promptly, and use the loan-car-integrated booking planner to efficiently organise jobs.

You work with automobiles for a living. You know that they only run as well as the composite parts under the bonnet. The shop floor is no different. It only operates as efficiently as the overseeing tools and management.

iBodyshop is equipped with analytics tools and an integrated accounting package, which can also be linked to third-party software applications, such as MYOB or Moneyworks. Best of all, it’s cloud based, which means your data – the lifeblood of your business – is encrypted and protected in the same Data Centres used by the likes of NASA, Qantas, SAP, Phillips and even Australian Banks.

The system is fully scalable, catering to single-use customers, large multi-user shops and multi-site enterprises. There are no hefty upfront costs, just an affordable monthly rental fee, making the system accessible to all operators.

“iBodyshop couldn’t come at a more opportune time,” Steve O’Brien said. “Over the past few years the smash repair industry has faced many new challenges, and the pressure to reduce costs and improve efficiency is immense. Whether you have an insurance contract or not, the demands are similar – output more jobs with fewer technicians and admin staff whilst maintaining quality repairs and taking on more customer relations responsibilities as required by many insurers.

“Your estimating and bodyshop management system is the one tool that your entire business depends on; the tool that has the power to determine success or failure. It touches every single job multiple times and directly affects your overall efficiency and customer relations. But the truth is most bodyshop management systems fail to deliver – leaving smash repairers exposed to human error and inefficient paper trails”

“iBodyshop is the magic bullet that dramatically improves productivity and efficiency across every aspect of the business so that you can start reaping the profits you deserve, instead of being reduced to working for wages. We take the headache out of running your business so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best – turning over cars and keeping your customers and insurers happy.”

iBodyshop was built from the ground up by DNS Technology – Australian-owned software specialists with a proven track record designing systems exclusively for the smash repair industry.

Join DNS at the Australian Collision Repair Expo in the Melbourne Exhibition Centre (stand AD14) April 6,7 and 8 April 2017 and discover how iBodyshop could revolutionise how you run your business.

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